Tablet for Elderly.

Heedy is a simple communication tool counteracting loneliness of the elderly. Discover some of our best features.

Video call & group call

Keep in touch with your grandparents. As you get older, functional abilities change and regular phone calls become increasingly difficult. Simple video calls often relieve loneliness, almost as effectively as real meetings. For bigger families, you can have group conversations.


Older people are more sensitive to high temperatures and may have a harder time feeling thirsty. They may therefore need help to get enough fluids during the day. We help relatives look at older relatives and see if they need help.

Time & date

Digital calendar clock that helps people with dementia or other cognitive disabilities to orient themselves and keep track of time. On the screen you get information about which day of the week it is, date and year and what time of day it is.


Simple warming messages can be sent containing text, pictures or video greetings. The elderly can easily share the family's activities and the grandchildren's successes, which are often shared on social media.

Slide show

Information is displayed in a self-scrolling slide show on the elderly person's screen. The display is adapted to lighting conditions in the room and takes into account the elderly person's activity and ability.

Guide to setup Elderly tablet

This guide will help you to setup a tablet for best operation and user experience.

Connect tablet to Internet

This guide will help you sort out different forms of connection.

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