Smartphone for the Elderly.

Works on a regular smartphone – release in May 2024

The easy-to-use Heedy phone app is carefully designed for individuals with memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s or other intellectual disabilities.
With a one-touch screen they stay safe in contact with loved ones at home as away from home.
No hassle. No distraction. Families take care of all the settings through their mobiles.

Video Call

Phone numbers can be difficult for an elderly person to find and keep track of. With clear contact pictures, it becomes easy to call both loved ones in different states of mind.
Families take care of the contact list via their own phones.


No, we provide software in the form of an app that is installed over the other apps on a regular smartphone. When the phone is switched on, Heedy is active with its user interface. All you need is an active SIM card with mobile data and an old or new smartphone. You need to install the app for the elderly, the rest you take care of via your Heedy app on your own phone.
Many older people find it difficult to use smartphones because they have not grown up with technology such as touch screens, apps, menus and not least video calls. There are simpler button phones for the elderly, but we at Heedy know several challenges with these mobiles based on our own experiences. We want to provide super simple solutions that work for the most vulnerable so they can use smartphones just like us young and healthy.

The Heedy app will be available on the Apple AppStore (iOS 13+) and Google PlayStore (Android 5+) for download and can be installed on most smartphones if they are not too old. During installation, a basic setting is made so that the app works optimally on the device, but you can make adjustments via your phone as needed.

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