Setup an Elderly tablet.

This guide will help you to setup a tablet for best operation and user experience.
Please read carefully before downloading and installing the Heedy app.


1. Use an old tablet, or purchase a new one. Heedy app is designed for Android 5+ and iOS 13+ operative systems.

2. Find a good stand for the tablet and place it on the kitchen table, a shelf or mounted on a wall. Make sure the tablet is always powered to a socket with any suitable cord.

3. Make sure the tablet has Internet connection. Either use available WiFi networks, SIM card or connect via GSM router.
Connect tablet to Internet (guide)…

Software settings

4. Settings for tablet. May vary between iOS and Android.

a) Allow automatic software download and installation of apps.

b) Screen saver always off.

c) No PIN codes.

d) Adjust volume and screen brightness.

Install Heedy app

5. Download the Heedy app to your smartphone and the elderly tablet.

6. Install on elderly tablet.

a) Select ‘Elderly user’ profile, you should now see a QR code and a 6-digit code on the screen.

7. Install on your smartphone.

a) Select ‘Family member’ profile and sign in by ‘Phone’ or ‘Email’. Choose your name and picture which the elderly can recognize.

b) Select ‘Create a family group’ and the camera turns on.

c) Scan the QR code or enter the 6-digit code from elderly’s tablet (6). Name the elderly and add a picture.

d) You should now be connected with the elderly’s tablet.

8. Test your installation by making a video call to the elderly tablet from your phone.

9. Installation is done. Heedy is ready to be used.

Invite family members

This service requires FAMILY subscription. Try for free in 30 days.

10. Select ‘invite to group’ in the settings menu ‘…’ and send invitations to other family members and caregivers to join. They’ll need to install Heedy app on their smartphones and apply for joining the family group with the code provided. You as admin, need to approve any new members requests.

Note! If you installed the elderly account, you’ll be the admin of that ‘Family group’. You can invite as many users to the group you want without any additional cost.