Frequently Asked Questions.

why can't we use SKYPE / zoom with elderly?

Many older people cannot handle modern technology to the extent they would have liked. Common video calling apps like Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and more becomes an impossibility with disability. We want to offer an interface that is super easy to use as a regular phone call, if not easier.

Can Elderly understand smartphones / tablets ?

Digital development is accelerating and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the elderly to keep up. Things like touch screens, usernames, passwords and many different settings make it difficult and help is needed. We use modern technology, on the terms of the elderly.

What is the advantage of Heedy app ?

We help our elderly by removing all the difficulties that modern technology brings with it. In this way, we build bridges between generations and the elderly take part in the families’ often active leisure time. As a caregiver, you can be part of the family group and easily keep in touch with both relatives and the elderly.

How many users and devices can connect ?

There is no limit to the number of users and devices that can be paired with Heedy. Regardless of whether you are a relative or caregiver, you need to create your own user profile and then receive a personal invitation to join a family group.

Can the elderly call via Heedy ?

Yes, the elder can make video calls to others in the family group. Calls are made easily by pressing profile pictures to prevent misdirections.

What does it cost ?

Heedy is free for family members and caregivers. We only charge for each family group and the services that are activated. The administrator handles the payment via their account.

A family group is free during a trial period. When the period is over, we charge an ongoing monthly fee that can be terminated anytime without requirements.


The elderly need a tablet with internet connection.
We recommend that the elderly use a stable and adjustable table stand for the video calls to work optimally.

> How to set up the devices


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