Join heedy's test panel.

help us improve

By applying for early access, you will be the first to use and influence the development to create the best service we can.This is an invaluable help for us, as it allows us to find problems and crashes before we make the service available for everyone.

frequent updates

Early users will have access to the heedy app , new versions will come monthly, sometimes even weekly. The feedback we get from early users makes it possible to find and fix any problems, views are also used to create a heedy that meets the users’ needs.

prepare tablets and smartphones

You can use your own smartphone as a family member. For the elderly, we recommend you to purchase a new tablet or use an old one. Use a stable table tablet holder to avoid moving the tablet around the room. To keep fresh batteries, have the power cord connected. Before you install heedy app, make sure tablet is connected to internet by wifi or cellular network (SIM card).

USE the app

You don’t need to do anything special. Just use the app to stay in touch with you elderly. Feel free to share your experience and report problems you find.

Please keep in mind we have limited number of users. From time to time we remove inactive users to give place for new users in test panel.

Feedback issues

Send an email with your feedback, we appreciate your help.

We don’t have possibility to answer all issue reports, but we send them to the correct team members for analysis and fixing them as good we can. Of course, the more details you can give us the better we understand and can solve the issue. In some occasions, we might contact you for more details.

Thank you!

We appreciate all help you give us!

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or other inquiries. 

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