Connect tablet to Internet.

There are a few different ways to connect a tablet to Internet. Choose the method that works best for your elderly’s needs.

Connect with WiFi via broadband

If the elderly have access to broadband in their home with a wireless network, also called WiFi, it is relatively easy to connect the tablet to the Internet.
We always recommend this option to save costs.

Connect with SIM card via mobile operator

In cases where broadband and access to WiFi networks are lacking, it may be easiest to install a SIM card with a surf subscription from one of the mobile operators. You either choose a twin card for an existing mobile subscription or sign up for a new surfing subscription. We estimate that Heedy consumes approximately 3GB per month during normal use. If the tablet does not have a SIM card reader and there is no broadband in the home, then a router is needed.

Connect with WiFi via 4G wireless router

A 4G router, or mobile broadband router, connects to a mobile operator’s 4G and 3G network with a SIM card. The router usually has a built-in WiFi network that the tablet can connect to. Available for purchase in electronics stores or can be ordered directly via any mobile operator’s website.

Connect to Internet via smartphone as a router

If you have an older smartphone, this can be converted to a 4G router with WiFi network. Here too, a SIM card and activated Internet sharing are required in the phone.
We reserve the right to make any typos and cannot guarantee that this will work smoothly for you.
Factors that are beyond our control are broadband, data subscriptions, mobile coverage, indoor coverage, etc.