Share moments across all generations.

Social app for seniors in social exclusion.
Family help from their phones.

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Connect with your beloved elderly!

No digital exclusion. No isolation. No loneliness.

Heedy is a social app where families can communicate with their oldest without complicated touch screens or computers.
Discover hassle-free video calls, picture sharing, messages and reminders on the terms of the elderly.

Install heedy app on the elderly’s tablet and smartphone. Family and friends will take care of the rest from their apps.

Start today

Prepare tablet / smartphone for elderly

The elderly need a tablet or smartphone with internet connection.
For best operation, we recommend a table tablet stand with power connected. Buy these from any local electronic store or use any old one.

Families will use their own smartphones.

Install heedy app and invite others

Install heedy app on the elderly’s tablet and smartphone, follow given instructions. Read more…

Family members create their own heedy profile.

A trusted family member creates and connects the elderly’s profile as administrator, and invites other family members to the elderly’s family group.

You can now share moments in the family group.

Our mission

We are committed to find solutions for our elderly to fight growing social problems with digital exclusion, isolation and loneliness. Especially now in COVID-19 times when isolation has become greater and risks of mental illness increase. We created heedy with warmest hearts, latest research and technology.


No Touch screens.
No User names.
No Passwords.
No Settings.


All data is stored safe.
Crypted video communication.
No video recording is possible.
Control your personal data.

NO LONG-term data storing

We share moments,
so no need to store data for long.

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