Moments across generations.

Connect your seniors with the family! – nothing should stop laughter, meetings and fellowship.

Heedy - a simpler video calling app

Heedy is a smart and simple video calling app where families can spend time with their elders without complicated touch screens or computers.
Many users have tried popular apps like Skype, Messenger and Facetime but it has not worked so well.

Here is the meeting place where you can easily see, talk and socialize with your loved ones regardless of age and ability.
With Heedy, you break the isolation and loneliness.

The screen is always on - and takes care of itself without screen pressure

Heedy contains simple functions without touch screens, passwords or settings.
Here you can make simple video calls, help remotely with reminders and send pictures and greetings.

Heedy helps people with dementia or other cognitive disabilities.

Easy installation

The elderly need a tablet with internet connection.
Preferably with a stable table stand and power connection.
The family uses their own phones.

Install the Heedy app on the senior’s tablet and your phone, follow the instructions.
As trusted family member, you create the senior’s profile and invite others to family group.
Each family member create their own heedy profile.

> How to set up the devices

Members can now share moments within the elderly’s family group. Safe and secure without unauthorized persons.
– Video calls*
– Livestreaming
– Greetings
– Day clock with date
– Weather
Everything is played automatically and smartly for the elderly, completely without touching the screen.

 * The elderly can make simple calls via facial images.

Download our free app and test within your family !

 Premium features require a family subscription for a fee. Try 30 days before you decide. Cancel whenever you want.
The Heedy app is a Swedish product designed for Android 5+ and iOS 13+ operating systems.

Together we reduce digital exclusion, isolation and loneliness: